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Linear Offers Dealer Incentives for Builders

Intercom and music system now available for demo and new construction discounts

Carlsbad, CA–Linear LLC has added a new incentive program for installers and contractors to promote the DMC-10 home intercom system.

From November 1 to December 31, 2007, Linear is offering a DMC-10 Model Home Promotion. Contractors, and dealers will be eligible to receive an unlimited number of free DMC-10 intercom system kits consisting of four room stations, one door station, and a central system hub for installation in any new model home.

To qualify, applicants must complete a request form showing they are
involved in a new housing development, and they will receive one free DMC-10 system kit for each development. Once approved, dealers also can qualify for additional product discounts on Linear Model Home products.

Linear is also offering an additional incentive to installers through
December 31, 2007. The DMC-10ASK kit includes a Structured Wiring Enclosure with cover, an Audio Input Wall Plate, and a mail-in coupon for a $10 iTunes Gift Card to purchase music online. The Audio Input Wall Plate makes it possible to plug in any external music source, such as an iPod, to provide music through the DMC-10 intercom throughout the home. The DMC-10 supports up to eight stations or Audio Wall Plates, 16 stations or Audio Wall Plates if an expansion hub is used. Purchase this special package from local distributors.

The DMC-10 Intercom System offers both intercom and music for up to 16
station locations, has a sleek design, and is accentuated with detachable
faceplates available for all stations in a variety of colors, for easy
customization. Using a central structured wiring enclosure, the intercoms
hub can connect up to eight devices up to 500 feet away using standard Cat-5 cable. The DMC-10 uses Type 110 punch-down terminals for fast and reliable connections, and a 12-volt switching power supply is included with each hub.

The DMC-10 Intercom Kit includes all of the necessary components for a basic intercom system: the DMC-10H Intercom System Hub and power supply, a total of four DMC-10RS Intercom Room Stations (which can be installed in any room in the house), and a DMC-10DS Intercom Door Station (for use at the front entrance). Intercom Patio Stations and additional Intercom Room Stations may be purchased separately for system expansion.