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LiquidView to Capture Central Park Fall Foliage This Weekend

Cinematographers will capture Fall colors at their peak in NYC’s Central Park during a continuous 24-hour recording session.

LiquidView creates the most beautiful views imaginable from anywhere with a revolutionary platform that displays feature film-quality scenery from around the world. The San Francisco-based company offers a high-resolution virtual window system that can be mounted to any wall surface with architectural details to simulate an actual window and an exclusive library of views of what one could see outside.

LiquidView - Family Room

This weekend, LiquidView cinematographers will capture Fall colors at their peak in Central Park, during a continuous 24-hour recording session taking place in a stunning terrace suite on the 32nd floor of the JW Marriott Essex House New York. There, the team will stay on location around the clock to capture the vibrant scenery of the changing season from this amazing hotel property; the city awakening and progressing through the day, then descending into night; the subtle shifts in sunlight and cloud structure; all shot from a premier suite to provide a unique perspective of Central Park and New York City in all its glory.

To achieve the ultra-premium quality and realism of its Central Park video footage, LiquidView will use high-end, feature film-grade Sony Venice 2 cameras — the same ones reportedly used by filmmaker James Cameron for the upcoming Avatar: The Way of Water, the sequel to the highest-grossing movie of all time. The team’s National Geographic-level cinematographers will conduct the shoot from the outdoor terrace to capture the best view possible of this sensational time of year. The outcome, thanks to the level of artistic and technical expertise involved in the video production, will be exclusive video footage that when displayed on LiquidView Virtual Windows, transports viewers to another place and time.

One of the most unique aspects of the Virtual Window is that content is time-synchronized to the viewer’s local time of day for utmost realism. For example, a LiquidView Virtual Window installed in a hotel suite in London at 4:00 PM showing Central Park footage will see the footage as if the Window was in New York City. Views will shift subtly as days become gradually longer or shorter, and an “easter egg” might appear briefly, such as horses galloping by, in some scenes for added value.

“Given the growing demand for healthier indoor environments in which occupants can commune easily with natural surroundings, LiquidView’s Virtual Window offers a solution for spaces that may be void of windows or suffer from bleak scenery,” says LiquidView CEO and filmmaker Mitch Braff.

Recognizing the importance of health and well-being to hotel staff and guests and high-end residences alike, LiquidView Virtual Windows can transform an underutilized room into a relaxing, restorative Wellness space.

“Once people experience the remarkable look and feel of the LiquidView Virtual Window they naturally tend to think of ways our Virtual Window might enhance or transform rooms in their home or business,” adds Braff. “We see it as an opportunity for businesses to maximize usage of more square footage and for homeowners to change their view as they choose, for entertainment that also offers health & wellness benefits.”

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