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LiteTouch Offers 3D Educational Presentation

Salt Lake City, UT – LiteTouch has introduced an online 3D Flash presentation called “Experience Lighting Control: Sophisticated technology. Real-world benefits.” The presentation uses Papervision 3D Flash technology for a three-dimensional interface design.

LiteTouch’s Experience Lighting Control presentation is an educational tool to increase awareness and knowledge of the many benefits to homeowners of lighting control and automation. Viewers self-navigate through a variety of scenarios and “hear” a range of lighting control users describe the practical benefits they get from their systems, and some of the emotional/lifestyle “perks” these benefits provide.

“The physical benefits of what a lighting control system does are the tip of the iceberg,” said LiteTouch marketing manager Michelle Paul. “This presentation goes a step beyond just demonstrating what a system does by helping viewers experience how their lighting control system will become a larger, then usually expected, part of their lives.”

The Experience Lighting Control presentation is available on-demand at the company’s web site It covers numerous lighting control benefits including energy conservation advantages of lighting control, home security ideas and features, vacation mode and remote system access, preset lighting scenes for home entertainment, one-button Master Off and AV home theater integration.

Among the benefits covered within the presentation, Experience Lighting Control also includes LiteTouch Application Notes with detailed information about LiteTouch Lighting Control systems installed into a variety of projects such as Family Homes, Penthouses, Yachts, Energy-Efficient Homes and more.

LiteTouch dealers and installers worldwide will use the presentation as a field sales tool when meeting with homeowners planning new construction and remodeling projects. LiteTouch Hybrid Products, wired and wireless lighting control, also offer all the benefits described within the presentation.