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Lutron Adds iPhone and iPod Integration

Coopersburg, PA — Lighting control manufacturer, Lutron Electronics, has announced that its HomeWorks whole-home lighting control system can now be accessed and controlled via Apple iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

Utilize the on-the-go convenience of adding Lutron lighting and shade control to an iPod Touch or iPhone home screen. With the touch of an icon, users gain complete access to their HomeWorks keypads no matter where they are.

Just like the keypads in a home, this new application enables users to set the mood for arriving guests and welcome them to a well-lit home, even if they are not there; save energy by turning off lights that may have been left on while away; use the iPhone or iPod Touch to control lights, music and ambiance in a home, creating a complete entertainment experience, even from the deck in the backyard.

The application will be available free of charge on iTunes, starting in early January.

How Does a HomeWorks Lighting Control System Work? Lighting control systems “connect” all of a home’s light switches and dimmers to each other, regardless of home size, and lets them be controlled from a variety of remotes inside and outside the home. System dimmers and switches can be controlled individually, operating like a typical dimmer or switch, or can operate in conjunction with several dimmers and switches at the same time to create a lighting scene.

A lighting scene readies the home for a specific event such as a party, movie or bedtime. Scenes are activated by pressing designated buttons on Lutron remotes, turning some lights on and some lights off depending on your preference for that activity. For example, an “Entertain” button could turn lights on to 75-percent brightness in the foyer, 65 percent in the kitchen and 50 percent in the family room, while turning lights off in “off-limit” areas like the master bedroom, playroom and mud room.

Lighting control systems can be easily integrated with other sub-systems, including audio/video products, like programmable remote controls, projection screens and touchscreens, as well as security systems, HVAC and automated window shading systems.

HomeWorks system devices are available in wired and wireless options. The wireless devices utilize Lutron’s reliable, proprietary radio frequency (RF) technology.