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Lutron Introduces Convertible Manual Shade

Ideal for both commercial and residential applications, the latest addition to the Sivoia family shares hardware with Sivoia QED roller 64.

Coopersburg, PA–Lutron Electronics has designed the industry’s most adaptable manual shade as a part of the Sivoia family of shading solutions. The Sivoia family of products now creates a visually seamless solution for mixed-use spaces that require both manual and electronic shades.

Ideal for both commercial and residential applications, the new Sivoia Manual Shades share hardware with Sivoia QED roller 64 for easy conversion from manual to electronic control, maintaining the system’s smooth and quiet operation. Converting the Sivoia Manual Shade to a Sivoia QED electronic shade is as easy as pulling off the manual clutch and inserting a Sivoia QED roller 64 drive.

With the ability to convert to electronic control at any point in a project, designers can specify and install one set of hardware and then adapt it to manual or electronic control, depending on the user’s needs. Pre-wiring for electronic shades provides ease-of-installation when Sivoia Manuals are converted to Sivoia QED electronic shades. The system installs in a 3.5-inch x 3.5-inch pocket and works on the roller 64 1 3/8-inch diameter tube and lineals with an upgraded universal mounting bracket. The same bracket can be used for the wall, ceiling or jamb installation, and can also be shipped separately for rough-in, providing flexibility.

The easily convertible manual shades begin with easy installation. With its universal, multi-position clutch and spring-loaded idler, the shades can quickly be re-positioned on site for bottom, front or back chain drop to adapt to specific project requirements

The manuals system uses a patent-pending force reduction system that makes it easy to lift even large manual shades. Uniquely designed, the system upholds the smooth feel and quietness of electronic shades. It has been developed with a patent-pending chain guide system that uses a series of symmetrical wheels to automatically position the chain. This reduces drag and provides a smooth, consistent feel throughout the entire movement of the shade without noise created by the chain or friction on the idler.

Sivoia Manual Shades ensure uniform window coverage with symmetrical light gaps of as little as -inch between the roller shade and its window frame. All Sivoia Manual Shades can be specified with the full line of Lutron fabrics, including SheerShade, SheerShade Designer, Privacy and Blackout fabrics to suit any application.

Simply remove the manual clutch and replace it with a Sivoia QED Electronic Drive Unit for electronic control. Introduced in 2003, the Sivoia QED roller shading system can be easily controlled and programmed to a variety of stop points at the touch of a button using handheld infrared remote controls or wall-mounted keypads. Electronic shades ensure precision and convenient shading control.

“The new Sivoia Manual Shades allow specifiers to design for change,” said Stacey Kim, market development manager for Lutron Electronics. “With just one Lutron product, designers can provide a complete solution for intuitive control of daylight. Manual solar shades offer all of the core benefits of a Lutron shading system, including significant energy savings, banishing harsh glare and protecting furniture and valuables from the harmful effects of UV light.”

Sivoia shading systems come with an eight-year limited warranty, plus optional extended service. Lutron has factory-employed field service engineers throughout the world and is the only lighting control or shade systems manufacturer in the world with a 24-hour, 7 days a week technical support center.

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