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Magnolia Enlists ReadyToPlay

The in-store promotions for digital music ripping services company will target Magnolia's 20 locations.

Palo Alto, CA–Magnolia Audio Video, the consumer electronics retailer and Best Buy subsidiary, has signed a marketing agreement with ReadyToPlay, a digital music services company, allowing for in-store and point-of-sale promotion of ReadyToPlays CD ripping services to all Magnolia retail customers.

Magnolia has 20 free-standing retail locations in Washington, Oregon, and California. The program will reach stores later this month.

“Magnolia clearly recognizes that ripping services help sell digital music products and drives overall customer satisfaction with those products. This is a significant step forward for ReadyToPlay and Magnolia,” said Jeff Tedesco, CEO and founder ReadyToPlay. “The agreement significantly increases the number of retail locations promoting ReadyToPlay services and magnifies our services at the point of sale. Magnolia has the prestige and credibility that high end audiophiles want. We are flattered that Magnolia chose ReadyToPlay. Its just tremendous.”

“ReadyToPlay has the type of service offering so important in helping our customers install and use their digital music products purchased at Magnolia. Their service and quality standards compliment the premier products that Magnolia offers its customers,” said Al Conrad, vice president of merchandising for Magnolia Audio Video.

CD conversion services such as ReadyToPlay convert the music on CDs to the file formats used by new digital music players and devices. They also load the converted files onto players or home music servers for the consumer. The ReadyToPlay service includes a process called DataGroom, which repairs errors in the album, artist, track information so that consumers can search and retrieve their music more easily.

The Magnolia-ReadyToPlay agreement provides for placement of in-store displays and insertion of ReadyToPlay literature with digital music product purchases. Magnolia customers who utilize the ReadyToPlay service will be eligible for an introductory offer giving them a significant savings on the conversion of their CD collections.