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MantelMount Acquires Dynamic Mounting

Company announces acquisition of Dynamic Mounting IP and selected assets.

MantelMount has acquired the intellectual property of Dynamic Mounting, a North Carolina-based manufacturer of movable TV mounts for flatscreen televisions. As a result of the acquisition, MantelMount will hold nine issued patents and six patents pending domestically, with more under development, plus additional patents pending internationally. Collectively, these patents represent an array of solutions in flatscreen television mounts that move out and down.

With products like its MM860 motorized smart mount, and the addition of Dynamic Mountings’ IP, MantelMount is poised to enhance its industry position.

According to Lee Marc, CEO of MantelMount, the company will work closely with former Dynamic Mounting engineers in the coming months “to combine the best features from both brands and their respective patents into all future products, while aggressively inventing and developing new innovative solutions in the area of full-motion manual and automated mounts.”

While Dynamic Mounting products will no longer be sold, the company’s website will remain operational for customer service requests, warranty support, and product information for existing customers. Additionally, it will refer consumers looking for high-on-the-wall, full-motion television mounts to MantelMount.

MantelMount expects this transaction to bring it closer to the top of a product category that is experiencing steady and sustained growth. (The entire U.S. TV mount market is expected to grow at a very steady CAGR from 2019–2027, according to a study by And with more people binge-watching TV due to social distancing guidelines, the number is likely to increase.)

As part of the acquisition, Kurt Massey, founder of Dynamic Mounting, will join MantelMount as a senior engineer.

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