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MantelMount Launches Video FAQ Series 

ShopTalk video series answers common dealer questions about MantelMount installation and usage.

MantelMount has launched “ShopTalk,” a new video series created to answer questions about the company’s full range of television mounts and accessories.

MantelMount Installation

Specifically aimed at MantelMount dealers, the series is hosted by Remy Kale, MantelMount’s business development manager. Each of the videos, located in the MantelMount Dealer Toolbox (new dealers can sign up at, addresses the most frequent questions that dealers have regarding the use and installation of MantelMount products. Also included are videos introducing new mounts, such as the MantelMount MM710.

The videos range in length from 30 to 90 seconds and were shot at the company’s new warehouse studio. The videos were shot with an iPhone, with a 3-axis gimbal to eliminate movement. This was done so that the videos can be produced quickly, meaning dealers can get the answers and solutions they need as fast as possible to learn about product features and facilitate the installation process. MantelMount will release new videos as dealers continue to pose questions and new products are released. Videos will be created to address the most frequently asked questions regarding installation, features, sales strategies, and more.

The videos can also be used by dealers for training purposes, as needed.

According to Kale, the new “ShopTalk” series is a win-win for both dealers and MantelMount. “Often, we get the same question about a product or an accessory from a number of dealers,” he says. “Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. So, if we can provide a good visual demonstration of exactly what we are describing, it is much easier for the dealer to understand the answer. It’s another example of our commitment to help dealers sell MantelMount products and generate as much revenue as possible.”

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