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Martha Stewart’s Texas Development Taps HAI

KB Homes project features Home Automation Inc. technology.

Katy, TX–With its exquisite natural setting on the banks of Buffalo Bayou, large Martha Stewart designed homes with decorator touches inside and out, and extensive recreational amenities, KB Home’s WoodCreek Reserve in Katy, Texas, is one of the crown jewels of residential communities in the Houston area. The state-of-the-art HAI (Home Automation Inc.) home automation technology wired into each home puts this community in a class by itself.

Depending on the floorplan and options chosen, homes include a variety of technology features that have been selected for both function — safety, convenience, energy savings, entertainment and comfort — and simplicity of use. All homes include state-of-the-art, HAI Omni Family UL-listed security systems with programmable features that allow homeowners to monitor their home and obtain notifications when potential problems need their attention.

“KB Home is proud to include Home Automation Inc.’s (HAI) Omni home control systems in WoodCreek Reserve to offer homebuyers the high level of safety, comfort and ease of lifestyle that they expect,” said Joe Zimmerman, president of KB Home Houston Division. “This superior technology allows residents to manage the systems within their home in a way that fits their own unique needs and routine and frees them from many of the typical burdens of home management.”

With the HAI Omni Control system, problems such as a water leak, fire or carbon monoxide can be sent to the homeowner’s phone alerting them of the issue at home. Homeowners can also monitor and control their home system via phone and the Internet to keep track of who is in the home. For example, parents can receive an email when their kids arrive home from school or to verify the pet has been fed while out of town. In addition, the home’s comfort features such as temperature and lighting can be adjusted from a remote location for convenience and energy savings. Cameras can also be installed in baby rooms to enable parents to monitor their children.

“At Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, we are constantly looking to highlight innovative technology that will impact the daily lives of consumers and homebuyers,” said Suzanne Kantra, technology editor, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. “From a heating and air-conditioning system that saves energy, to lights that never leave you fumbling for your keys in the dark, our Martha Stewart designed homes use technology to create a more inviting and personalized living environment.”

In addition to providing safety and security, the system offers lifestyle enhancements such as complete home audio. With Hi-Fi by HAI’s Whole Home Audio system, audio can be streamed throughout the house through a number of devices including stereo, iPod, satellite radio, digital cable TV, computer, or a CD player.

For instance, connect your CD player to the system and enjoy your favorite tunes while lounging on the patio or taking a relaxing bath. Kids can listen to their favorite band by connecting their bedroom computer to the system and listening in the living room.

“This technology is easy to use and manage,” Zimmerman explained. “Once homeowners experience an automated home they can’t imagine living without it.”

The HAI Omni control system also includes sophisticated lighting control. The system acts as the main command center for all of your homes lighting needs. Lights can be scheduled by time, motion, door openings, sunrise, sunset, or alarm activation. Lighting can be set for different events that require a unique lighting atmosphere such as parties, romantic evenings or movie night.

WoodCreek Reserve is the third collaboration between KB Home and Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. “Technology included in the community’s homes is a reflection of Martha Stewart’s own affinity for technology, as well KB Home’s desire to give homebuyers a quality, state-of-the-art home,” Zimmerman said.