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McIntosh and Snell Partner with Dealer

McIntosh Laboratory and Snell Acoustics are teaming up with Ann Arbor, Michigan, McIntosh dealer Paragon Sight & Sound and other high-performance audio manufacturers for “The Michigan Home Theater/Audio Road Show” in Grand Rapids, Michigan December 4-5.

Held at the Ramada Plaza in Grand Rapids (3333 28th St. SE), the event will provide an opportunity for home theater and audio enthusiasts in the Grand Rapids area to experience McIntosh, Snell Acoustics, B&W, Classe, Rotel, and Transparent products first-hand.

Paragon Sight & Sound owner Larry Marcus says that the main goal of the “Road Show” is to provide residents of the Grand Rapids area to experience “luxury-class audio” and gain an understanding for the “lifestyle-enhancing potential” of this gear.

“We know from our many connections in the Grand Rapids area that there are a large number of true audio aficionados in this part of the state,” Marcus said. “Unfortunately right now they simply don’t have many local opportunities to experience the ‘latest and greatest’ in high-end audio and video firsthand. With our ‘Road Show’ we’re looking forward to filling this void by demonstrating the power and performance of luxury audio – and making lots of new friends.”

At the Road Show, McIntosh will demonstrate its 60th Anniversary MXA60 Integrated Audio System, which was designed by the same team of engineers who created the company’s Reference System.

Both McIntosh and Snell will demonstrate four additional systems with speakers that help to demonstrate Snell’s “No Compromises” philosophy – the company’s commitment to providing a full range of design choices that deliver high-end audio performance to every listening environment, regardless of configuration.

Attendees will be able to meet with McIntosh director of domestic sales and marketing Steve Mulnick and senior manager of dealer support James Ludoviconi.