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McIntosh Celebrates 60 Years with Re-issues

Binghamton, NY — McIntosh Laboratory’s 60th anniversary limited-edition reissues of legendary amplifiers are now available at select retailers. The components, including the MC75 monoblock tube amplifier (modeled after the original 1961 version) and the C22 preamplifier (originally introduced in 1962), comprise McIntosh’s new Limited Edition 60th anniversary “Classic System.” Both components have been updated for use in today’s modern home entertainment universe, and only 120 sets of the classic system will be available in North America, for a suggested retail price of $15,000.

The luxury components will be packaged along with a special numbered version of the McIntosh tabletop book, For the Love of Music, signed by author Ken Kessler, a renowned audio engineer; McIntosh co-founder Sidney Corderman, who wrote the foreword to the book; and McIntosh president Charlie Randall. Chronicling the McIntosh legacy since its founding in the early 1940s, the book begins with the story of how Frank McIntosh, who ran an engineering firm that designed broadcast television stations, recognized the limitations of then-available audio equipment and set out to build a better amplifier. The resulting prototype became the famed 50W-1, a product that set new standards in audio amplification and is still the foundation of all high-performance amplifiers today.

“As McIntosh looks back on our 60 years in home entertainment, we have much to be proud of, not the least of which is the integral part we played in the emergence of what came to be known as ‘high fidelity,’ Randall noted. “Our Classic System reissue is a storied reminder of our influential audio pedigree, and reflects two of our greatest triumphs, both now available with performance improvements and updated circuitry to ensure their continued technological superiority.”