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Media Décor Adds Sports Artwork Line

Ft. Lauderdale, FL — Media Décor has signed Mark Trubisky, painter of legends and superstars of sport, as a Limited Edition Artist.

Trubisky is a relative new comer to the professional world of art, but like most artists he has been drawing and painting since he can remember. He attained his undergraduate degree from Syracuse University and his graduate degree from Penn State University, two schools nationally renown for their sports programs.

Until recently, Trubisky has donated his art for charitable fundraising efforts, for example allocating 100-percent of the proceeds to the Dallas Maverick’s Foundation. As a man with a strong sense of social responsibility, he acknowledges that a community is only as strong as its weakest link. Mark affiliates with charities that assist young people through stressing education, good health and skills necessary for their future success.

Painting to him has never been the promotion and sale of an endless string of carbon copies but rather he strives for a unique expression for each piece painted in various styles and techniques. He believes his work is recognized by the perspective and energy that underlies each work as opposed to a style convention.

For an artist, watching an athlete sink a basket, score a goal in a shootout or a horse moving to take the lead in a race is an experience far more challenging than painting still art. He must have the ability to integrate the action of the movement into his works. The emotion displayed from an athlete is a signature trait that rings true to his paintings as the central focus.

By combining a love of sports with his artistic talent, Mark has discovered a passion leading to his current achievements painting athletes and the superstars of today. It is his dedication for excellence to paint a unique moment for the viewer to participate at a personal level. His portfolio includes the “Mav’s Roll,” and sold out editions of “Turning the Corner” and “The Keepsake.”

Trubisky’s dynamic sporting images can be used on Media Décor’s Elite and Illusion motorized art frames. To see the paintings visit Trubisky’s page on the web site