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Meridian Offers Product Color Service

Meridian Audio is now offering its product color service, Meridian Select, to customers worldwide.

Today’s interiors market offers a wide variety of furniture finishes. As a result, consumers have developed very specific ideas of what themes they want to complement their living environment.

The Meridian Select program not only meets the requirements of the market but also responds to customers’ wishes for a broader range of product color options to coordinate with their decor.

Meridian Select uses the K5 selection of RAL system, the most popular European color reference standard in use today.

Using this system, the Meridian Select customer can choose from a vast choice of colors and in doing so can achieve their ideal surroundings.

Meridian Audio holds the opinions of its customers in high regard and has often consulted them on product design.Through research conducted by Meridian, this ethos has been reinforced, and Meridian Select is a direct result of these findings.

Meridian is confident that its Select program is something that customers will choose and value for years to come.

All Meridian products are hand-built to order at the company’s headquarters in Cambridgeshire, giving Meridian the flexibility to offer its unique service.

Meridian Select is available for DSP8000, DSP7200, DSP7200HC, DSP5200, and DSP5200HC loudspeakers, all 800 Series products, the 808.2 CD Player, the 800 DVD Player, and the 861 Surround Controller.

In addition to bespoke color lacquering, Meridian Select includes further personalization in the form of a small plaque, featuring the customer’s name alongside the signatures of Meridian’s founders, Bob Stuart and Allen Boothroyd.

The K5 selection of the RAL System offers 210 metallic and non-metallic colors for a full range of options for customers.

Meridian Select products are sold at a premium of 20 percent above the MSRP.

Dealers should contact their regional Meridian Representative for chart instructions and additional order information.