Meridian Partners With DT Screens, Cinema ATS

Collaborations Aim to Provide Comprehensive Home Cinema Experience
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Meridian Audio recently formed partnerships with DT Screens, a projection screen supplier based in the U.K, and Cinema–ATS, a supplier of acoustic treatment solutions for home cinemas. Under the new agreements, Meridian dealers will be able to specify the DT Screens solution and full range of Cinema–ATS solutions as part of its growing home cinema product portfolio, to create the ultimate home cinema experience.

Part of a strategic plan to establish a complementary high-performance network of brands that make their products available to dealers around the world, Meridian has been steadily growing its home theater product portfolio with plans for more to be added in the near future.

“Our new partnership with DT Screens is a really exciting development for Meridian,” said Rayner Sheridan, Meridian’s director of marketing. “Working together with DT Screens allows us to expand our offering to dealers so that we can provide a comprehensive home cinema solution, in addition to a range of projectors from Barco Residential and our own audio systems. We are delighted to be able to expand our product offering to include this innovative technology, and look forward to working with dealers on some wonderful home cinema projects.”

DT Screens supplies a wide range of models with the aim of offering complete flexibility in size and aspect ratio. All models are available in standard sizes up to 16.73 inches (5.1 meters) wide, and can be created in larger sizes upon request. Screen fabrics are acoustically transparent so speakers can be positioned behind the screen for perfect audio reproduction. 

Audio quality is critical in a home cinema and one of the most important factors is acoustical treatment of the walls and ceiling. Cinema–ATS provides comprehensive solutions that have been specifically designed to address the Three “Rs” of acoustics and the most common problems found in home cinema audio: resonance, reverberation, and reflection. 

“We are delighted to be partnering with Meridian, who share our passion for creating the ultimate experience for our customers, and offering technology of the highest quality,” said Neil Davidson, of Cinema–ATS. “We noticed that there was a real gap in the market for a high performance acoustic solution that was easy to install, and found that dealers were getting frustrated with rigid, complex, and expensive systems prescribed by acoustic consultants, which often resulted in products being used that were not right for the application. We designed a system that was suitable for almost any application, easy to install, and offered the performance that dealers need to give their customers the very best experience.”

To help create a superior home cinema, the free-of-charge Meridian Design and Specification Service can assist dealers in planning their projects as efficiently and accurately as possible. DT Screens and Cinema-ATS are now fully integrated into this service, alongside Meridian’s own audio systems and Barco’s projectors.