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Middle Atlantic Launches Phase Two of Web-Based Configurator

Middle Atlantic Products has unveiled the second phase of its Web-based configuration tool.

Middle Atlantic Productshas unveiled the second phase of its Web-based configuration tool. A key component of the middleatlantic.comcustomer portal, the next generation of the Configurator provides added functionality, an improved interface and overall enhanced user experience. Engineered to facilitate the easy selection, configuration, quote, and purchase process for customer projects, the tool now boasts more than 10,000 registered users since its launch last year.

“We’ve seen rapid growth in the number of Configurator users and received extremely positive feedback in the short time it’s been online. Our dedicated Configurator team has been hard at work improving the users’ digital experience,” said Dan Tarkoff, vice president of customer experience, Middle Atlantic. “From beginners to experts, we want our customers to be able to build intuitive, personalized systems that match the exact design and installation needs of today’s demanding A/V environments. With built-in intelligence for even greater ease of use, phase two reflects our core philosophy and the positive customer experience we strive for.”

Configurator’s phase two features includes a new ‘Quote My Customer’ Tool, which allows users to add profit margin markup to quotes of saved projects. By entering the desired profit margin as a dollar value, percentage, or target growth for each component, the margin markup tool will automatically perform the calculations.

The My Projects Page was also updated with an option for separating ‘Draft’ projects from ‘Quoted’ projects. Additional navigation features include auto sort by date and pagination.

Nearly every rack series offered by the company is now available, with the update’s addition of 17 Middle Atlantic racks, including the CEDIA Hall of Fame AXS and SRSR series. With these additional rack series, there are now even more options to create, personalize, and design an infrastructure system to fit almost every project need.

Accessible via any Web-enabled device, Middle Atlantic’s configuration solution streamlines the selection of suitable products and accessories for any type of system via smart recommendations — along with a priced materials list and a personalized quote with the profit margin built in. With 24/7 access users can also export CAD and other design documents to be easily integrated into their standard design process, enabling the creation of new projects, a stored history of projects, and convenient direct online ordering.

“As an integrator and a Middle Atlantic customer, working with the Configurator simply makes my job easier. For example, instead of ordering a list of parts, I can now bundle my entire product list into one part number — streamlining the ordering process,” said Hong Cheng, vice president of technical operations, Karcher Group. “I’m excited to see the additional functionality and rack series options that phase two will bring to my projects.”

Based on extensive research and feedback from the company’s integration partners, the platform was developed to enhance and expedite the design and ordering process. The platform eliminates scheduling woes normally associated with the design and specification process.