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Middle Atlantic Products Duct Cool Ventilation System

Middle Atlantic Products new Duct Cool Series ventilation system is designed to extract heated air quickly and more quietly from confined spaces such as a closet, millwork opening, cabinet or enclosure. The Duct Cool vent system fan can also be mounted remotely12 to 25 feet away is the recommended distancewithout significant loss of performance. A temperature probe and thermostatic control save energy by only running the system when needed.

The two primary components of the system are a powerful mixed-flow fan assembly and 25 feet of either 4- or 6-inch ID (inner diameter) insulated flexible ducting depending on the model. Duct Cool is also unique in that it is supplied as a complete kit with attachment hardware, a special high-strength mounting plate, a temperature probe, and an air intake assembly.

At the core of Duct Cools innovative design is the high power mixed-flow fan assembly that can be quickly and easily mounted horizontally or vertically, with or without the plate. Rubber vibration dampeners have been added to the mounting points to isolate the unit for even quieter performance.

Featuring typically high quality, heavy-duty components throughout, Duct Cool can be easily installed with a variety of positioning options. The standard models include a thermostat function that automatically turns on the unit on at 88 Fahrenheit and off at 85. An optional external thermostat is available for users that want more control of the operating temperature range.

The system is powered through a 9 foot electrical cord preassembled at the factory to facilitate installation or the unit can be opened and hardwired.

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