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Middle Atlantic’s Cabinet Frame Rack

Fairfield, NJ — Middle Atlantic Products has introduced a new welded Cabinet Frame Rack (CFR Series) for residential AV use that is designed and engineered to provide the most useable rackspace for the overall height of the rack.

Within the Cabinet Frame Rack’s space-efficient design, the overall height is almost completely dedicated to rackspace, with just under an inch (0.94 inches) of steel, top and bottom combined, for structural support. That, coupled with the rack’s slim 19.25-inch width and two useable depths (16 inches and 18 inches), enables it to fit efficiently into a variety of cabinetry and custom residential furniture while providing maximum space for equipment.

The Cabinet Frame Rack is available with 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14 rackspaces, and ships fully welded, ready for the loading of equipment. It also comes with two adjustable lacer bars to route and manage cables or mount accessories such as power strips and power supplies.

An optional low-profile, low-friction runner kit allows the rack to slide easily in and out for easy equipment access while protecting furniture and woodwork from damage.

For technical specifications and in-depth information about Middle Atlantic Products, click to or call 800.266.7225.