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Mondo’s Mint Digital Music Station

Mondo System Inc. has unveiled the Mondo Mint Digital Music Station, a stereo system designed specifically to connect to today’s digital music sources. It consists of a mini Class-D digital amplifier, two bookshelf speakers, a remote control, and a wireless dock designed to remotely stream music from an iPod mobile digital device up to 100 feet away. It connects to any major music source providing a nice solution for secondary bedroom or office not connected to the whole-house system.

Available in May at a suggested retail price of $349, the Mondo Mint ( offers iPod, USB, wireless audio and line in connections for use with a PC, Mac computer, iPod, MP3 player, CD player, satellite radio, TV, or video game console. As an added bonus, an included Mondo Mint wireless dock contains proprietary digital wireless technology that allows consumers to turn their iPod into a remote control. When placed up to 100 feet away from the amp, music can be streamed, volume controlled, play lists managed.

The system is engineered with Mondo’s exclusive Di-Fi technology and features audio components including:

PurePath Digital technology from Texas Instruments, which brings music to the listener exactly the way the artist intended
Class-D digital mini amplifier that is small in size, but powers 70 watts at 4 ohms per channel and can drive 4-8 ohm speakers
Two-way, wood-construction speakers with four-layer piano coat white finish and removable front grilles and wall-mount capabilities
One-inch Peerless neodymium tweeter
Four-inch AuraSound aluminum cone woofer
Two Canare 1.5-meter speaker cables with banana-type connectors
Mondo Mint wireless dock, a proprietary digital wireless audio transmitter that steams iPod music up to 100 feet while simultaneously charging the iPod

The Mondo Mint was developed by Dr. Chris Chung, the original founder of eMachines, the first high-quality PC developed and sold at a breakthrough price. He is the recipient of two Intel Architectural Awards.

“The Mondo Mint was born out of our desire to deliver the best possible sound to the masses at an affordable price,” Chung said. “But it was also created to appeal to the emotions that music evokes. Music speaks to people, and at Mondo it’s important for us to connect on that same level with our consumers. We hope to bring a new level of appreciation to people when they listen to the Mondo Mint.”