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Monitor Audio Launches New Installation Amplifiers

Installation Amplifiers have Been Built to Do More and Use Less Space, Featuring Technology Ddesigned for the Bbest Sound Performance in Any Installation Project

Monitor Audio’s new Installation Amplifiers have been built to do more and use less space, featuring technology designed for the best sound performance in any installation project.

The multi-channel amplifiers can be used in a wide range of applications in residential and commercial properties with power up to 2000 watts. Audio channels can be grouped or bridged for flexible installations, configurable to 1,2,3,6,8, or 12 channels.

The company selected Hypex amplifiers to guarantee reliability and great sound quality, but reduced the size of the amps into 1U and 2U high cases that universally fit into most racks while delivering 93-percent energy efficiency. Auto ranging allows for use in any territory without the need for a separate power supply.

The amplifier names all begin with “IA” for Installation Amplifier, followed by their power in watts per channel at 4 ohms, the number of channels and a “C” if it’s IP connected.

There are two types on amplifiers in the range: Distribution amplifiers (the IA150-2 and IA60-12), which feature full connectivity with simple wired voltage trigger or signal sense, and connected “Connect” amplifiers (the IA800-2C, IA200-2C, and IA150-8C), which feature more complex DSP and IP control, offering wider flexibility and integration

Monitor Audio’s “Connect: IP interface is a web application, which can be accessed by any device with a web browser connected to the same network as the Connect amplifier. This will allow an integrator to set features and fine tune audio performance remotely from the amplifier location. The integrator can therefore be in the same room as the speakers when performing these tasks.

All amplifiers offer a front-panel mounted power switch, status LEDs indicating standby, power on, or protect modes, signal LEDs indicating a signal is present at each channel independently (it will also indicate clipping), trigger input – 3 – 30 V AC or DC. A trigger output supplies provides signal for additional amplifiers or other equipment.

The distribution amplifiers also include volume level controls (each channel on the amplifier has a volume adjustment on the rear panel). The IA150-2 offers both line inputs and loop outputs to connect other amplifiers/equipment. The IA60-12 provides buss Inputs A/B and loop outputs. Loop outputs are non buffered (maximum number of amplifiers that can be looped together will depend on the output capability of your source component)

The Connect amplifiers offer higher power levels, front-panel volume level controls for each channel on the amplifier, IP control is via the RJ-45 input (IP controls power On/Off, volume, muting and input source selections for either global control or group control), and IR in/out jacks (IR controls global on/off, group volume, muting, and input source selections. Connectivity can be seen with IR status light.) The IA800-2C can drive 70 V line speakers directly without a line-matching transformer.