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Mozaex Servers Utilized By Department of Justice

Mozaex has completed a contract through its Integrator, Smart Design International (SDI), to deliver its media servers into a U.S.-sanctioned Department of Justice (DOJ) forensic lab project located in Medellin, Colombia.

Mozaex has completed a contract through its Integrator, Smart Design International (SDI), to deliver its media servers into a U.S.-sanctioned Department of Justice (DOJ) forensic lab project located in Medellin, Colombia.

While best known for its residential entertainment media servers that support movies, music, and online media, Mozaex also has a long history of developing professional video servers for commercial applications.

The Mozaex server was specified, installed, and is being serviced by SDI, which is located in Miami with an office in Colombia. SDI is the prime contractor of this project and was selected for their capabilities to deliver a complete networked audio/video recording, storage, and indexing server solution.

The Mozaex 72 Terabyte RAID Server is being used for recording HD 1080p videos via HDMI, and playing Blu-rays and DVDs, that can be instantly viewed in multiple independent rooms via its Control4 controlled, customizable Metadata Media Library.

After six months of testing, customization, and integration, the Mozaex system received final approval with a potential for at least 12 more systems in Colombia and the United States.

“Mozaex was selected for its breadth in both movie and video server products plus its knowledge and expertise in video and movie encoding that dates back to 1997 when the company’s founders released the first network video storage server called SuperVue,” said Mozaex CEO Douglas Kihm. “SuperVue continues to be used in many educational institutions, military facilities, and corporations.”

“The custom Mozaex system designed for the Department of Justice application uniquely combines multi-stream HD video and movie encoding, multi-room networking and storage, metadata editing, file indexing, and an elegant user interface technologies,” Kihm continued. “Many other applications are already being considered by medical facilities and other companies that are seeking a reliable and effective way to record, store, index, and playback HD videos in multiple rooms with up to 264 TBs of RAID 6 storage.”

The Mozaex system installed includes four Mozaex servers with the combined ability to simultaneously record and store up to eight HDMI live video streams. Each Mozaex server incorporates two HDMI video recording inputs that can record video up to 1080p.

Each server can store locally up to 32TBs of RAID 6 or up to 40TBs of non-RAID media. The initial system was configured with 18TBs of RAID 5 storage per server. Networked Mozaex players provide playback media from any of the networked Mozaex servers.

The Mozaex system can support up to 25 simultaneous playback streams of movies and videos with up to 25 players over CAT 6 gigabit Ethernet. More than 25 independent playback zones can be supported with a higher speed network.

The Mozaex system is scalable in both storage and video recording inputs. The system can store up to 264TBs of RAID 6 media with the addition of the company’s Enterprise Server which supports multiple 60TB SAS storage sub systems. The number of HD video recording inputs may be increased by adding additional networked servers with or without storage.

Under the direction and donation of the U.S. DOJ and U.S. Embassy, the Mozaex system is being utilized by the General State Attorney´s Office of Colombia, in the Medellin Colombia Forensic Lab for Human Identification. The Project Name is “Forensic Medical & Criminology Media Server System”.

The project includes the following equipment:

Four 18TB RAID Mozaex Servers with dual HDMI HD Video Capture
Eight FHD HDMI Professional Recording Cameras (Canon)
Eight Bluetooth Wireless Microphones (Canon)
Eight HDMI Splitters 2×1 1.3 (Gefen)
One 8×8 Crosspoint HDMI Matrix (Gefen)
Eight HDMI Fiber Optic Cables (Rainbow Fish)
One Epson Home Cinema Projector
One 92in Motorized Screen
One 73in 3D FHD Mitsubishi DLP
One A/V Amp (Yamaha)
One Pair of Invisible Speakers (Amina)
One Control4 HC-300 Controller
One IPad2
Seven Motorized Hunter Douglas Drapes

The project’s general scope includes the ability to record, index, and store for instant viewing in multiple rooms all videos of medical Lab operations and demonstrations.

The project’s scope also includes the indexing and metadata customization of each case including the related firearm that was used, the medical reports (such as trauma), and other related data.

The system needs to simultaneously support both live viewing and/or previously recorded viewing from multiple zones.