NEAR Plans CEDIA Outdoor System Design Training

Training to Cover Wide Variety of System Design Factors
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NEAR, a division of Bogen Communications, Inc., will be conducting a Manufacturer’s Product Training session at CEDIA Expo on Friday Sept. 16 from 3:30 - 5:00 in Room C143. 

The topic is "Designing and Up-Selling Exceptional Outdoor Audio Systems." The session will cover topics such as: speaker spacing to achieve even sound coverage; speaker directivity; dispersion and coverage; amplifier choice; stereo vs. mono - how to choose; when to consider 70V systems; and other technical design issues. Additionally the company will address techniques for raising average ticket values of outdoor audio sales.

At the end of the training session NEAR will draw the name of one training attendee for a free pair of NEAR LB5 outdoor speakers, a $998 retail value.