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Nest Launches Open Source Implementation of Thread

Nest Labs today released OpenThread, an open source reference code implementation of the Thread networking protocol.

Nest Labs today released OpenThread, an open source reference code implementation of the Thread networking protocol. With OpenThread, Nest is making the technology used in Nest products more broadly available to accelerate the development of products for the connected home. As more silicon providers adopt Thread, manufacturers will have the option of using a proven networking technology rather than creating their own, and consumers will have a growing selection of secure and reliable connected products to choose from.

“Thread makes it possible for devices to simply, securely, and reliably connect to each other and to the cloud,” said Greg Hu, head of Nest Platform and Works. “And because Thread is an IPv6 networking protocol built on open standards, millions of existing 802.15.4 wireless devices on the market can be easily updated to run Thread. OpenThread will significantly accelerate the deployment of Thread in these devices, establishing Thread as one of the key networking technology standards for connected products in the home.”

Along with Nest, ARM, Atmel, Dialog Semiconductor, Qualcomm Technologies, and Texas Instruments are contributing to the ongoing development of OpenThread. In addition, OpenThread can run on Thread­compatible radios and corresponding development kits from silicon providers like NXP Semiconductors and Silicon Labs.

“Nest products set the bar for how connected devices should work so it’s exciting that Nest is releasing OpenThread to the open­source community,” said Jeffery Torrance, vice president of business development, Qualcomm Technologies. “As a company with a longstanding history of actively supporting and contributing to open technologies, OpenThread allows us to work with other like­minded corporations and individuals to deliver a best­in­class implementation of Thread that can be widely used for the advancement of a connected and secure home.”

Designed to connect products in and around the home into low­power, wireless mesh networks, Thread is backed by industry­leading companies including ARM, Big Ass Fans, Nest Labs, NXP, OSRAM, Qualcomm, Samsung Electronics, Schneider Electric, Silicon Labs, Somfy, Tyco, and Yale Security. Existing popular application protocols and IoT platforms like Nest Weave and ZigBee can run over Thread networks to deliver interoperable, end­to­end connectivity.

Since opening membership in October 2014, the Thread Group has grown to more than 230 members with over 30 products submitted and awaiting Thread certification. In addition to Nest products, a number of devices—including the OnHub, a router from Google—are shipping with Thread­compatible radios.

The initial version of OpenThread is being distributed by Nest on GitHub. OpenThread users are welcome to submit Pull Requests. Users will also have access to sample code, the ability to file issues on GitHub, and support on Stack Overflow as well as Nest’s discussion forum.

Attendees of Google I/O from May 18—20 can view a demo of OpenThread in the Nest Sandbox.