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NetStreams’ IP Speakers Patent Application is Published

The initial application was filed in 2002, after NetStreams' research and development team created the world's first IP-based speaker prototype.

Austin, TX–The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has formally published NetSteams patent application for IP-based speakers. The companys published patent applications for IP-based speakers relates to other patents published by NetStreams for IP-based networked entertainment.

NetStreams’ vision is to provide hardware and software solutions to simplify, manage, and distribute audio, video and control signals across an IP Network,”said Herman Crdenas, founder and chairman of NetStreams. “The IP speaker is a key element for the future of networked entertainment in a home or commercial facility. Our innovation puts the intelligence and amplificationat the speaker, delivering unprecedented audio quality and accessibility over an IP network.”

The patent application is for a networked speaker invention, which includes a network interface that is integrated within a residential or commercial audio distribution and control system. The result is the delivery of vocal feedback, status, and even control with the audio through the networked speakers.

“IP speakers and IP audio will change forever multi-room and multi-channel audio distribution, control, and performance,” said NetStreams’ chief technology officer Michael Braithwaite. “IP audio enables the highest performance sound quality, the most faithful and precise audio reproduction, and the absolute state-of-the-art network integration and digital content management,” said Braithwaite. “Compared with traditional analog and even digital matrix systems that have been the prevalent design choice of the distributed audio industry for over 30 years, IP audio is easy to install, easy to use, easy to upgrade, and gives the highest price/performance of any audio system ever designed, and the IP speaker is a core element of IP audio.”

The initial application was filed in 2002, after NetStreams’ research and development team created the world’s first IP-based speaker prototype. Once the proof of concept was developed, NetStreams set out to develop the first commercially available IP speaker by partnering with Polk Audio.

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