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New CD-to-MP3 Service Targets Custom Installers

The new service is tailored for residential electronics systems professionals.

New York, NY–RipDigital, a CD-to-MP3 conversion service, introduced RipDigital Pro, the companys new offering tailored specifically for residential electronics systems professionals.

With RipDigital Pro, residential electronics systems professionals can convert their customers CD collections into high-quality digital music libraries. Interested users can set up an account with RipDigital by calling 877.759.3914 ext. 23 and specifying the inventory of CD shipping kits they would like on consignment. When they are ready to have their customers CDs converted, they complete the order form and RipDigital handles the rest. RipDigital will convert the CDs, add music meta-data (artist, album, track name, etc), burn a DVD archive, and optionally load the digital music on a portable hard drive. RipDigital sends the installer frequent updates on the status of conversion jobs.

RipDigital is singularly focused on quickly and accurately converting CDs into high quality digital music. To accomplish this mission, we have developed patented technology and invested in the best data sources available, as well as built a dedicated production facility, said Richard Adams, founder and CEO, RipDigital. While RipDigital is best known for its direct-to-consumer business, we already have significant experience supporting the conversion needs of professional installers. The launch of RipDigital Pro is based on the feedback from these valued customers and research we conducted within the residential electronics systems community to meet their diverse needs.

With high-quality sound and accurate play lists, RipDigitals CD-to-MP3 conversion service has been a big relief for my business, said Rob Friedland, president, New York City-based SoundSight Technologies. Ive learned the hard way that CD ripping is not as easy as you would think and frankly, its just not a good use of my staffs time. Further, RipDigital helps me provide my customers with the content they need to get the greatest value from their new systems.

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