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New Collaborative Helps Clients Break Through Retail Barriers

Retail Nexus promises to provide companies with all the tools needed to achieve success in the world of retail.

Retail Nexus Logo

Achieving success in the retail arena — whether brick-and-mortar or online — can be a Herculean task. Any company that has attempted to gain a retail presence knows this lesson well.

Retail Nexus is committed to making that task substantially easier. A collaborative of seasoned industry professionals representing a wide range of services, this organization can provide companies with all the tools to achieve success in the world of retail. With services ranging from business plan development to public relations, branding to inventory liquidation, and more, Retail Nexus aims to become a “one-stop-shop” for companies that require specific areas of expertise to break through the retail barrier.

While some customers may be in need of assistance in multiple areas, others may need only one; Retail Nexus will cater to both.

Retail Nexus, which has eight founding members, is the brainchild of senior founding member Bill Boyer. As the founder and CEO of Channel Savants, a company specializing in placement strategy and execution engagement, Boyer found that many of his customers had the need for services beyond his company’s scope. That discovery led to the idea of bringing the talents of diverse professionals, each an expert in their own part of the retail landscape, together under one roof.

“Plenty of organizations bill themselves as retail experts, promoting the fact that they can get products into the retail market,” says Boyer. “Some are able to deliver, some aren’t. But there are few entities that offer the volume of resources that Retail Nexus does, which greatly increases a company’s chances for retail success.”

Besides the talents of the eight founding members, subject matter experts will also be joining the collaborative, with new ones added regularly. This will give customers the most extensive choice of resources possible.

The consultative approach that Retail Nexus will offer may become one of its most notable assets.

“Some companies may not even know exactly what they need,” Boyer notes. “In those cases, they can book an appointment with us to determine exactly which disciplines will be crucial in achieving their objective. Whether it’s one, two, three or more areas, we can help customers determine that number — and then provide top-notch professionals to deliver those services.”

Founding Retail Nexus board members include Boyer, Brandy Aslanian, Tony Monteleone, Jill Malena, Art Sesnovich, Kim Sherman, and Kaitlyn Boyer.

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