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New Company to Consult on Green Tech

A recently launched audio-video firm, called energy + light + control (elc), specializes in personalized energy generation, consumption, and control plans for residential and commercial properties.

Led by Lee Odess, an industry veteran who has worked for Integrated Media Systems , Custom Builders USA, and Lutron Electronics, Elc provides expertise specifically in wind power, solar power systems, comprehensive energy-efficient planning, lighting control for artificial and natural light, and audio-video design.

Elc provides businesses and individuals with the expertise to reduce costly energy expenditures to benefit their wallets, as well as the environment.

One of elc’s first clients is the State Department. According to Odess, with the introduction of a lighting control strategy in their existing structures, his company has been able to show “a minimum of 20 percent energy savings and upwards of 60 percent,” depending on the structure.

“In today’s world, both companies and consumers want to do the right thing for the environment and need to find ways to reduce expenditures,” Odess said. “Just like the audio-video industry, there is a glut of information that exists, made more challenging by specifications and technical data that seem to change daily,” founder and president of elc.”

Odess says that his company’s proficiency is to work with clients from start to finish, ensuring the greenest and most cost-effective technologies that last.

“Our solutions literally pay for themselves,” he added. “On top of the savings and green solutions, because of our experience in the audio-video industry and our ability to communicate both technical and ‘human’ we are able to deliver what you are looking for in an audio-video system at your budget.”

Elc customizes solutions to fit individual clients’ needs.

Company services include resolutions for projects of any scope; ranging from a single home, to commercial spaces, to entire residential buildings and office parks.

Elc aims for a value-driven design and selection process, quality installation, and professional implementation of comprehensive designs.