New Fusion Research Audio Driver is Control4 Certified

Now Supports Fusion's New Summit OS
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Fusion Research’s latest music server driver, built to support its new Summit operating system, has been officially certified by Control4. This driver includes mini-driver support for Fusion’s streaming apps, giving Control4 dealers immediate access to those apps from the Listen screen on the Control4 interface.

Now available directly in Control4’s Composer, this latest driver was designed with input from Control4 engineers. It takes advantage of all the new features available in the new Summit line of music servers including all of its popular streaming apps. In addition, Fusion’s multiple iTunes account synchronization and backup make it well suited for clients who want to be able to play all their own music without keeping the host iTunes computer turned on.

“We worked hard to make this driver similar to the former driver that Extra Vegetables employed for Control4 that was such a dealer favorite,” said Alex Fanti, CTO of Fusion Research. “In this way, dealers can ensure that the product installation and consumer feel will be close to what they used to be able to achieve with that now defunct driver.”

All of Fusion’s current music servers run the Summit OS and feature high quality audio output (24-bit/192kHz) with support for most audiophiles’ favorite music formats. Single-source servers with Burr-Brown DACs start at $499 MSRP and multiple source units start at $799.

Sold only through custom integration professionals, Fusion products are available directly from the manufacturer or through the Control4 dealer portal.