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New Jetbuilt Engineering Lab Provides CAD and Other Technical Services

JEL provides access to CAD drawings, presale engineering, 3D renderings, REVIT, and more.

Jetbuilt Engineering Lab – Logo

Jetbuilt is now offering engineering services with the addition of JEL, the Jetbuilt Engineering Lab. JEL provides access to CAD drawings, presale engineering, 3D renderings, REVIT, and more as an effective solution for companies of all sizes. The service reduces the cost of hiring in-house personnel with the proper skill set, while allowing experienced staff more effective use of their time.

After a project is designed in Jetbuilt it can be shared with the JEL team along with notes, scope of work, and any relevant files, such as hand-drawn system flow, images, and floor plans. The JEL team can ask questions directly in the project’s Discussion thread and be given direction as needed for accuracy. Professional CAD drawings are created with respect to a company’s formatting preferences.

“In the context of a major labor shortage in the AV industry, the addition of JEL allows subscribers to scale their throughput to meet demand within the normal Jetbuilt workflow,” says Tom Peters, Jetbuilt director of business development. “I believe our subscribers will find JEL to be a very cost-effective addition to their operation.”

Jetbuilt has partnered with AV Design Labs to bring JEL to the Jetbuilt platform. Utilizing AVDL in tandem with Jetbuilt creates a seamless workflow within one platform, making Jetbuilt a comprehensive project solution from sales, design, estimating, rendering proposals and RFP’s, to managing installations.

“Our model of providing a dedicated staff that scales up and down based on the customer’s needs has been very popular,” says Sunil Botadra, VP of engineering for AVDL. “We’re excited to merge these services within the JEL Platform.”

JEL is set to release in March. Jetbuilt will be exhibiting at ISE Barcelona May 10–13, 2022 and cavlo May 11 in Nashville.

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