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New Modero Touch Panel Leads 10 AMX New Products

The centerpiece of AMX's 10 new product launches at CEDIA EXPO 2007 this week is the 5.2-inch Modero ViewPoint Widescreen Touch Panel (MVP-5200i), which represents the the first model in the company's next-generation Modero Touch Panel line.

The centerpiece of AMX’s 10 new product launches at CEDIA EXPO 2007 this week is the 5.2-inch Modero ViewPoint Widescreen Touch Panel (MVP-5200i), which represents the the first model in the company’s next-generation Modero Touch Panel line. AMX is also launching its Metreau Keypads and Entry Communicator, Tango Distributed Audio System, NI-3101 NetLinx Integrated Controller, and ViewStat Color Communicating Thermostat at Booth 501.

Available in black or white, MVP-5000i combines a slim design with high-resolution graphics, wireless mobility, digital intercom functionality and extended battery life. It provides fast, power-efficient processing–supporting up to eight hours of continuous use and four days of standby time–while its 5.2-inch widescreen delivers the highest resolution of any AMX MVP Touch Panel and features an integrated kickstand and a navigation wheel for levels and functions.

At first glance, you cant help but notice the beauty of the MVP-5200i. But beyond its exterior aesthetics, it packs a whole lot of technology innovation into an ultra-thin, compact design, said Robert Noble, AMX chief technology officer. With the MVP-5200i, AMX has redefined the style, form, and function of our flagship Modero Touch Panel line, and in the process, weve raised the bar for all touch panels–industry-wide.

AMX’s new Metreau keypads fit in any Decora-style wallplate and provide a cost-effective way to communicate with any AMX control or distributed audio system. They are available in two varieties; one can be used with any AMX Control System, while the other is designed for the company’s growing line of distributed audio products. Both feature a navigation wheel.

AMX’s Metreau Entry Communicator is its first Voice and Video over IP (V2IP)-enabled door communication and entry system. It provides doorbell functionality, along with full-duplex audio and one-way video communications, I/O’s (Inputs/Outputs) for motion sensors and relays for remotely unlocking electronic, magnetic locks.

AMX’s new Tango Distributed Audio line includes audio controllers, zone expanders, and amplifiers. One system accommodates eight sources with distribution to four or eight zones, and can be expanded to as many as 64 zones with up to 24 speakers per zone.

The company’s new NI-3101 Signature Series NetLinx Integrated Controller (NI-3101-SIG) packs the features, functionality, and power of the popular NI-
3100 NetLinx Integrated Controller in a one-rack unit (1U) form factor with twice the onboard memory and a new look.

Last but not least, AMX’s new ViewStat Color Communicating Thermostat (ENV-VST-C) is the world’s first communicating thermostat featuring a color display with weather and forecasting. It features a 3.5-inch color TFT (Thin Film Transistor) display for providing indoor and outdoor temperatures and humidity settings, along with current local weather conditions and forecast information, and day/date/time.