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New Service Caters Exclusively to ReQuest

Nick Carter and Zachary Piech have launched MetaRip to address the needs of ReQuest dealers.

Wilmington, NC–Nick Carter and Zachary Piech, both of whom were instrumental in the launch of the line ReQuest media servers, have launched MetaRip, a CD loading and metadata grooming service exclusively for ReQuest servers.

Founding CEDIA member and dealer, Carter joined ReQuest as VP of sales in 2001 to launch ReQuest into the CEDIA market. During his three-year tenure, ReQuest grew from no dealers to nearly 700, with average revenue growth over 200 percent, ranking ReQuest among the fastest growing private U.S. companies by Inc. magazine.

“ReQuest is the market leader, and MetaRip is the only CD-loading service dedicated exclusively to ReQuest products,” said MetaRip president Nick Carter. “The server market is changing fast, and each product is a moving target with ever-changing capabilities. We’ve determined that focusing our expertise on ReQuest servers will best serve the market.”

Carter and Piech became close friends and closer teammates at ReQuest. “Zach was this amazing guy, who, like me, was brought in to help launch ReQuest into the market,” said Carter. “He’d built the first 100 ReQuest servers by hand, and was directing operations when I came onboard. We worked closely on all aspects of running the company.” Both Carter and Piech remain substantial shareholders in ReQuest, thanks to stock option awards granted for their success in making ReQuest the market leader. “As ReQuest shareholders, we have a vested interest in the success of dealers with ReQuest products,” added Carter.

ReQuest recently launched Serious Play, the most powerful firmware release in the company’s nine-year history. With innovative features such as Netsync for iTunes, and extended database architecture, metadata is increasingly central to the user experience. “These and other enhancements greatly alter best practices for CD-loading, said MetaRip VP Zachary Piech. “We’ll be Alpha-testing future ReQuest firmware, since changes will potentially affect our encoding methods.

MetaRip is geared to the needs of ReQuest dealers. As a former ReQuest engineer, I’m comfortable with ReQuest technology and my ability to collaborate with ReQuest engineering and support teams to help dealers get the best results possible.”

MetaRip and MetaGroom services are currently available to all ReQuest dealers

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