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New Square D Sensor Promotes Daylight Harvesting

The unit can change the status of control relays, dimmers, or remotely operated circuit breakers according to preset ambient lighting levels.

Palatine, IL–Schneider Electric announces the latest introduction to its Square D Clipsal lighting control line, the Light-Level Sensor. The Light-Level sensor measures ambient light levels and automatically issues On, Off, or ramp commands over a C-Bus network, allowing for energy savings. The attractive, wall-mounted, low-profile units can control relays, dimmers, or remotely operated circuit breakers, changing their status according to preset ambient lighting levels.

The light-level sensor can control up to two C-Bus group addresses: one address controls the switching ON/OFF of a lamp circuit according to the amount of ambient light, while the other is used to continuously regulate the light-level output of any number of lamps, said Brad Wills, director of Installation Systems & Control, Schneider Electric. Beyond added control, the wall-mounted Sensors also fit right in with our line of stylish keypads and touch screens, as they are designed to be attractive and have a low profile.

Light-Level Sensors have dynamic ranges, between 5- to 150-foot candles, and compensate for noise and rapid light intensity fluctuations by using filtering and hysteresis. The Sensors detect daylight levels and automatically adjust the output level of electric lighting to create a balance for increased energy savings. For increased reliability, the Light-Level Sensors store operating status in non-volatile memory for recovery from a power failure, offer a 180-degree field of view and can be enabled or disabled over the C-Bus network.

The Sensors also can verify the status of input and output devices on the same C-Bus application address, updating input status if necessary, and its LED can be configured to indicate the current status of any C-Bus group address.