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Newcomer to Unveil Remote Monitoring Solution

A new company, called ihiji, is inviting 2009 CEDIA EXPO attendees to experience its inaugural product, invision, a software solution that grants dealers the ability to remotely monitor, service, and maintain their client’s in-home electronic systems including but not limited to entertainment, network, HVAC and lighting.

Hosted and managed on ihiji’s central web-based server, invision monitors critical aspects of system components as well as equipment that commonly require servicing in the form of resetting, repair or replacement. Examples of monitored aspects are a component’s general availability; temperature; hard drive status; projector bulb life; ink and toner levels; processor loads, and memory availability.

The company will be demonstrating its product at the Glenn Hotel (located across from the CNN Center) in Atlanta. Dealers interested in arranging a meeting are encouraged to contact ihiji vice president Michael Maniscalco at 888.321.9170 or by e-mailing [email protected].