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NHT to Debut Acoustic Suspension Line

NHT's CLASSIC line will replace its Super Audio series.

Benicia, CA–At CEDIA EXPO 2005, NHT will unveil its new CLASSIC line of acoustic suspension loudspeakers, presenting eight new models including two subwoofers.

“CLASSIC is the epitome of our capabilities in passive loudspeakers,” said Chris Byrne, managing director of NHT. “Each of these models illustrates how the superior benefits of acoustic suspension speakers outweigh any design option in the business today. They’re high-performance, full-range products that typify our approach to creating specific models for every consumer application, rather than releasing a hundred SKUs with little variation between them.”

Byrne commented that although CLASSIC will replace the Super Audio series, the new series is not a rehash of old designs, but rather a completely new development effort.

“Changes in design capabilities combined with an evolving market led us to develop new models that improve the accuracy and performance of our most popular products while offering improved cosmetics and a higher level of ‘honesty’ than was possible just five years ago,” Byrne said. “Three-way models play a much more critical role in CLASSIC than in the Super Audio line simply because multichannel systems require broader dispersion and a higher dynamic range than in stereo configurations. The performance upgrade offered by CLASSIC is substantial and demonstrable.”

Byrne added, “Just as NHT Xd illustrates the remarkable accuracy and musicality that’s possible with DSP speaker correction, CLASSIC will illustrate the tremendous strides that we’ve made with passive designs.”

When developing the new CLASSIC loudspeakers, NHT invested significant time and resources into creating new, ultra-rigid driver frames with improved shielding through the use of BMC (Bulk Molding Compound) that was originally designed and implemented for the acclaimed XdS speaker.