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NHT to Hold First Factory Authorized Sale

Benicia, CA — NHT has announced a new initiative that, according to co-owner and marketing head, John Johnsen, will, “…give consumers a reason to buy our products with what’s left of their discretionary budgets.”

Starting immediately, and continuing through January 1, 2009, NHT will conduct its first-ever worldwide factory authorized sale, slashing 25 percent off the MSRP of every consumer model currently offered by the brand.

Though NHT is not mandating that all its dealers take part in the program, Johnsen believes the effort will be embraced by most, if not all of its retailers, especially as the holiday selling season draws near.

“It’s no secret that the economy is interesting, to say the least,” Johnsen commented. “Rather than waiting around for the tide to change, we are stepping up with a plan that benefits everyone in the food chain. Domestic and international distributors, reps, dealers, and most important, end-users, have a lot to gain.”

Johnsen added that lest anyone thinks that this is an entirely altruistic move, keep in mind that NHT is a speaker company, and it needs to keep products flowing through the system to maintain its business. “Frankly, we’d like to see this move adopted throughout the audio industry,” he said. “It’s up to us to make sure music lovers and audio enthusiasts are encouraged to indulge in their passion for great sound, even during an economic downturn.”