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NHT’s Verve System

Beginning next month, NHT will ship a new speaker system that is specifically designed for consumers who want high performance stereo and home theater performance that complements their high definition flat panel displays, while remaining visually elegant, small in size, and affordable.

The new system, dubbed “Verve”, features two satellite sizes and one subwoofer, and can be sold in a variety of configurations, both with and without the company’s complementary component selection. NHT designed Verve to be sold as a “system” rather than as individual components in order to ensure a simple set-up process with the best possible sonics.

Verve satellite cabinets are made with Bulk Molding Compound (BMC) which provides a high level of design flexibility and low resonant characteristics that are especially critical in small speakers.

The Verve satellites, both of which measure 10.5 inches x 5.5 inches x 6.25 inches and 15.5 inches x 5.5 inches x 6.25 inches (HxWxD), for the small and large models, respectively, feature an acoustic suspension, three-way design, with a coaxial driver containing a -inch tweeter and a 3-inch midrange drive unit supported by a single 4-inch woofer in the small satellite and dual 4-inch woofers in the large satellite.

The large satellites are designed for use as front and center channels, offering wide dispersion in both horizontal and vertical planes. Similar to NHT’s Evolution collection, this arrangement results in high power handling and low distortion with maximum placement flexibility.

NHT designed Verve satellites with an integrated, removable table stand. When detached, the satellite is easily mounted to a wall by way of an included wall-mount key that can be re-located by the installer or end-user to allow for vertical (both) or horizontal (large satellite only) orientations.

Verve omits the subwoofer filter and phase controls found on most generic subwoofer designs, opting to include only an on/off switch and a level control that the end-user can use to “trim” bass response during initial set-up. The compact subwoofer, which measures only 14 inches x 24 inches x 6 inches (H x W x D), features power and signal connections located on the bottom of the cabinet for placement flexibility and clean wire management. Thanks to this form factor, the Verve subwoofer can be placed against a wall or flat against a couch or under a table.

The Verve subwoofer includes two active aluminum cone 10-inch drivers in an acoustic suspension enclosure, powered by an internal 200-watt, cool-running digital amplifier that permits high output with low distortion characteristics. An audio sensing circuit automatically turns the subwoofer off and on based on whether a signal is present.

NHT’s Verve line-up is scheduled to ship in late-March.

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