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Niles Audio Takes Steps to Protect Dealers

The audio manufacturer has issued a new policy designed to stop unauthorized sales of Niles products via the Internet.

customers from fraudulent online selling of Niles products. The company said simplified website construction tools and a growing number of online auction sites have led to the emergence of unauthorized selling in which products of leading brands are sold by entities and individuals that are neither authorized to represent the Niles brand nor are able to offer Niles factory warranty, post sale support or service.

These online sellers may make themselves appear as if they are an authorized dealer, misleading and defrauding consumers in the process. Niles vigilant policy identifies unauthorized websites, then investigates and tracks their source of supply so that the fullest possible action can be taken to stop it in a timely fashion.

“We are stopping at nothing to protect the Niles reputation for quality that our dealers and their customers rely upon,” said Frank K. Sterns, president of Niles. “With relentless energy and focus, Niles will seek out and thwart unauthorized websites and auctions selling Niles products.”

Niles’ policy is designed to stop unauthorized online sales, which mislead customers and damage the Niles brand. It does not interfere with authorized Niles Internet resellers, of which there are only six total, and it does not interfere with authorized Niles dealers from using Niles logos, trademarks and approved images to make customers aware of Niles products and to promote their services.

Additionally, it reinforces the Niles Dealer Agreement, which prohibits dealers from selling Niles branded products via the Internet or trans-shipping Niles products to anyone who might intend to resell the products on the Internet. Authorized Niles dealers who violate this policy may be subject to immediate termination and/or other any measures the company deems fit.

“We take Niles’ Seven Keys To Success very seriously,” Sterns added. “And one of those keys is exemplary customer service and strong dealer relationships. To ensure that happens, we owe it to our dealers and customers to protect the integrity of the Niles brand and business processes.”

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