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Niles Launches Multi-Brand Initiative

Niles is implementing a new multi-tier brand strategy.

Miami, FL–Niles Audio Corporation is implementing a new multi-tier brand strategy and realigning its sales representative and wholesale distributor networks in support of that strategy.

The three-tier strategy forms the basis of Niles future growth plans and addresses both increasing channel conflict and the convergence of audio, video, and computer products. Under the newly launched plan, the company will manufacture and market three distinct product offerings, each with its own identity and unique distribution profile.

Joining the core Niles brand are two new offerings: the JobSite brand of custom installation components and accessories, and a new suite of networked, multi-zone A/V distribution and control products designated IntelliControl ICS (Integrated Control Solutions). The IntelliControl ICS products are slated to debut at the CEDIA Expo in September 2005.

Niles three-tier strategy positions the company for growth, reduces channel conflict by carefully controlling distribution, and sets the stage for the launch of an advanced multi-zone product suite at this years CEDIA Expo, said Frank Sterns, executive vice president.

In support of the new offerings, Niles will realign its rep and distributor networks to employ the independent sales representatives associated with AVAD (Alliance of Value Added Distributors) and sell Niles products at all AVAD distribution locations. Under this new structure, Niles brand products will be represented to factory authorized, direct dealers by Niles independent sales representatives and distributed nationally by the AVAD network. JobSite branded products will be sold exclusively through independent (non AVAD) wholesale distributors serving custom installers and adjacent low-voltage channels such as telephone, satellite and security. IntelliControl ICS products will be sold to factory authorized CEDIA profile designer/installers and will be supported by the Niles sales representative network. IntelliControl ICS products will not be sold through wholesale distributors.

The independent sales reps who founded AVAD are widely regarded as the best in the business and are known for exceptional service, training and technical support, said Mike Detmer, Niles vice president of sales and marketing. Additionally, the Niles/AVAD distribution partnership will ensure adequate local product supplies, regional market management and enable Niles to project a more consistent brand message across the United States, Detmer added.

The sales representatives slated to join the Niles team include: The Paul Fitzpatrick Co. for Northern California and Northern Nevada; Tandem Marketing for Northern Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Indiana and Kentucky and Audio Video Marketing for Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Each firm focuses on a limited number of carefully chosen lines and provides local dealer support via dedicated training facilities, technical support and professional back office staffs. The new AVAD/Niles distributors include Select Resources in Northern California and Northern Nevada; Allnet Inc. in Northern Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Indiana and Kentucky; and Audio Video Distributing in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

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