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Niveus Media Launches Trade-In Trade-Up Program

Fremont, CA — Niveus Media has created a “Trade-In Trade-Up” program that allows existing Niveus Media Server owners to trade-in any Niveus Media Server to redeem a credit toward the purchase of a new, 2009 Niveus Media Server. This exclusive offer provides Niveus customers with a value-packed opportunity to “upgrade” to the latest Niveus hardware and software without having to pay full price for a new unit.

The offer is available to any customer with a Niveus Media Server older than 2009. All Niveus Media Servers are assigned the same trade-in value regardless of the model, age or current functionality of the unit. Participating customers will be offered a percentage off the purchase of the following 2009 Niveus Media Servers: Niveus Media Server – Rainier Edition HD or Niveus Media Server – Pro Series (n4, n7).

For more information on the Trade In Trade Up program, contact a member of the Niveus sales team at 866.258.2929 or [email protected].