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Niveus Teams with Riptopia

New CD conversion partnership saves time for Niveus Authorized Dealers and their clients.

Orlando, FL–Niveus Media has formed a partnership with Riptopia, a leading digital data processing company. Niveus Authorized Dealers and their clients can now leverage Riptopias digital music processing service, which includes the conversion of CDs to high-quality audio files for transfer to Niveus Media Servers, maximizing installation efficiency and overall satisfaction.

Niveus Media Servers provide users with remarkable home entertainment convenience and performance and while the end result is first-rate, importing an entire CD collection one disc at a time can be unnecessarily time consuming. Riptopias ability to process thousands of CDs in one day to commercial-grade digital files provides an incredibly time efficient and practical solution for loading prized audio content onto Niveus Media Servers.

Leveraging Riptopias sophisticated conversion process, Niveus Authorized Dealers now have a far superior solution for loading CD content onto their clients servers, stated John Trimbach, vice president of sales, Niveus Media. Much like Niveus, Riptopia boasts a refined solution and a value added service for dealers, offering performance, convenience, and incentive.

Consistent with Niveus commitment to superior quality, Riptopia ensures that the integration into the Niveus Media Server content catalogue is seamless and complementary. Riptopias sophisticated process, including the correction of damaged CDs and digitizing to lossless and high bit-rate formats, preserves the audio signal and results in HD music that faithfully reproduces the original CD. Riptopia also employs an advanced data-grooming process to ensure that audio content is added to the music library as an intuitive and flavorful catalogue, complete with metadata and rich album art. CD collections sent to Riptopia for conversion are returned to the customer along with a hard drive containing the digital audio files, primed for loading onto the server.