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NuVision Targets CEDIA Channel

NuVision, an Arizona-based company, will launch a new lineup of LCD TVs during the first quarter of 2005.

Phoenix, AZ–NuVision, an Arizona-based company, has started production and is on schedule to launch a new lineup of LCD TVs during the first quarter of 2005.

According to NuVision, what distinuishes it within the saturated display sector is a combination of performance features and control functionality with reasonable price points through selective distribution.

Aimed at the CEDIA custom install channel and high-end A/V specialty retailers who will be served through a national network of custom install oriented distributors, the NuVision brand and products will also be promoted and sold via

NuVision will initially offer widescreen LCD televisions in 23-inch, 26-inch, 32-inch, and 37-inch, screen sizes. A 45-inch model is planned for the second quarter of 2005.

“NuVision approaches the CEDIA channel with a novel concept,” stated Foy Wilkey, NuVision’s director of display development. “The NuVision product line addresses the home A/V specialist and custom install markets currently ignored or treated as a sideline by other manufacturers.”

“Innovative new technologies, a world-class manufacturing partner, quality customer service, sleek aesthetics, and affordability combine to make NuVision the right choice for the CEDIA and high-end A/V specialty retailers’ every need,” stated Scott Deley, N_Vision CEO.

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