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NuVo Player Portfolio Upgraded, No Audio Delay

New firmware upgrade synchronizes audio with video through NuVo Player Portfolio.

NuVo has announced a new firmware release for its digital Player Portfolio that removes the audio delay when connecting with televisions through the player’s local line input. This improvement, found in firmware version 1.9, expands the number of ways the Player Portfolio can be integrated into a home’s entertainment system by eliminating all AV synchronization issues for the P100 and P200 wireless/wired players and the P3100 and P3500 Professional Series, three-zone wired players. It is available for download immediately.

The NuVu Player Portfolio has been upgraded to beter synch audio and visual.

“The audio quality of our Player Portfolio components has been highly praised by users and reviewers since its introduction,” said Walt Zerbe, the company’s product manager for audio. “This feature has been one of the most highly requested by our dealers, and we’re happy announce we’re now able to use the local line input to perfectly match our superior audio quality with the video from a local TV or other video source.”

According to Zerbe, when a video source is connected to a player through its local line in jack and is played in that local listening zone, there will be no perceptible delay between the audio and video. If additional zones are added to the listening group, the system detects the change and automatically switches to Global line in mode.

The new firmware supports all four player components in the company’s Player Portfolio family. Both the P100 and P200 single-zone players are equipped with a single line input, while both three-zone players, the P3100 and P3500, are each quipped with three line inputs (one per zone).