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NuVo Rewards Sales Representatives

The company handed out top honors during its annual national sales meeting.

Hebron, KY–NuVo recognized two of its finest during an awards ceremony at its National Sales Meeting in August.

J&G Audio and On-Mark Sales took top honors for their sales performance in their individual territories during 2007. J&G Audio was acknowledged as the Eastern Region top performer and On-Mark Sales for the West.

J&Gs sales team is located in New York City, includes; Gary Cullen, Glenn Quatrochi and Deb Dourm. On-Marks sales team operates out of the Rocky Mountain Region and is comprised of; Chip Jacobs and Win Jones. Both organizations were selected for the award acknowledging their excellence in strategic development of Distributor and Preferred Dealer partnerships in their territories.

I am very proud of our entire sales organization and especially the Best of the Best, J&G Audio Sales and On Mark Sales. said Rick Powers, VP of sales. The success they have realized is directly related to the passion and effort they put forth in representing NuVo products.

Each group was honored by members of NuVos executive team including; David Rodarte, Jack Hanser, Rick Kukulies and Rick Powers. Part of their award included a check of an undisclosed denomination.