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One Firefly Releases Innea Apple iPad App

One Firefly LLC, the parent company to Firefly Design Group, Firefly Programming, and Firefly Creative, has introduced its latest next-generation virtual home automation demo tool produced by innea.

The iPad livingroom app by innea adds to the innea virtual tour lineup that allows dealers to create a virtual showroom demonstrating the power of home automation applications while using the iPad alone. One Firefly is an exclusive dealer in North, Central, and South America of the innea line of virtual demo products which include PC Software, web demos, and now the just-released Apple iPad app called innea livingroom.

Innea’s previous versions of the software — which include PC and web demo applications — demonstrate 3D graphics and ambient design while accompanying users as they navigate from room to room to raise and lower curtains, change lighting options, interact with a home theater system and more, in exactly the same way that they would with an actual automated system. Currently, there are more than 40 Crestron interfaces in the program with HAI, Lutron, AMX, Savant, Control4, RTI in development or close to launching. Dealer specific user interfaces can be customized and incorporated using the manufacturers control device as intended for the room.

The PC software and web demo virtual solutions by innea are ideal for online web visitors or demonstrating the software using a PC computer. With the addition of the livingroom iPad app, dealers can now utilize the most popular smart tablet device, the Apple iPad, when demonstrating and selling to a potential client.

While a limited 14-day free version of the livingroom app is available in Apple’s App Store as a trial, the app can then be purchased for $999.99.

“We are very excited that innea has gained approval from Apple to sell the livingroom virtual demonstration in the app store, and we think it’s going to be an awesome tool for integrators in the field to show and demonstrate automation to their customers,” said Ron Callis, CEO of One Firefly.