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OneVision Resources Offers Triage Support to Integrators

OneVision Resources of Boston, MA has enhanced its business model to cater to the residential AV integration communities.

OneVision Resources of Boston, MA has enhanced its business model to cater to the residential AV integration communities. After 10 years in business, the company has launched its flagship offering, Integrator Service Desk. OneVision will continue to professionally manage client technology needs but will do so in a white-label capacity (i.e. anonymously branded), enabling systems integrators to provide instant service and secure valuable recurring revenue.

The Integrator Service Desk platform enables systems integrators to provide 24/7 Instant Triage, free basic support, and monitoring to improve the homeowner’s experience with their technology. OneVision’s service is coupled with an automated sales and marketing approach that introduces service agreements to legacy customers shortly after they have a positive support experience with their integrator.

Joey Kolchinsky 

With its Instant Triage and basic support, OneVision provides the foundation to a valuable service plan for which Joseph Kolchinsky—CEO of OneVision—believes most consumers are willing to pay a fee. He asserted that by layering on priority service and technology monitoring, every integrator immediately unlocks the potential for building recurring monthly revenue with their customers.

Demand for fast, personalized service is growing according to consulting firm Toister Solutions, whose annual study indicated that 30 percent of users requesting support expect a response within one hour. 

Kolchinsky explained further that “the modern consumer expects a quick, helpful response when they reach out for support. And if it’s a quick, easy fix, the consumer doesn’t expect to pay for that support. This represents a growing problem for integrators who can’t recoup that investment. Meanwhile, on-site service is usually billable, but a successful service program needs both aspects for profitability and customer satisfaction. This is precisely where OneVision Resources has excelled, spending the last 10 years doing both with our clients here in Boston and now sharing that extensive experience with the integration community so that we can all deliver better service, together.”

OneVision facilitates Instant Triage and basic support in a white label capacity, so homeowners who call for support associate the service received with the integrator, not OneVision. Firms who partner with OneVision Resources can benefit from recurring monthly revenue generated by service plans, without the burdens of staffing a service desk, managing a support ticketing system, and monitoring the smart homes themselves. OneVision monitors service inquiries constantly, and responds to any calls or issues within 30 minutes.

“Every integrator is interested in providing a high level of service not just to build RMR but to also live up to client expectations. We want to build on the existing high-quality relationships integrators have with their clients to meet this growing demand,” Kolchinsky said.

OneVision’s Service Wall for troubleshooting various control system errors 

OneVision provides each of its customers with a ticketing system that tracks all communication, categorizes every incident, and displays a dashboard for managing incident flow at a glance. The integrator’s team is trained on best practices as it relates to service/ticket management so that the best support experience can be provided together. 

The integrator is able to see all tickets, and is notified when a follow-up appointment is required, so they can address the request directly. “Our highly-skilled specialists allow integrators to return to their core competency—designing and installing smart home systems—while we work in the background to manage their service desk,” Kolchinsky explained.

Implementing technology monitoring and management tools like Ihiji Invision, OneVision can proactively detect problems with network-connected devices and the network itself, oftentimes solving the issue by rebooting them remotely before the client ever notices or experiences an interruption in service.

To prevent any confusion in the marketplace and to clear the path for future success, it was necessary for OneVision to modify its business model. “OneVision Resources is no longer in the custom design and integration business,” Kolchinsky said. “Instead, we are now a service provider to integrators that acts on their behalf and always with their customers’ best interests in mind. By changing our model and implementing Integrator Service Desk, we’re providing a significant service and bottom-line enhancing opportunity for those involved with the design and integration of smart home systems. Because of our specialized model, we distinctly recognize the challenges companies face in meeting service expectations and believe we have the systems and skilled staff to deliver the ideal solution. Moreover, we want integrators to know we are at your service.” 

Integrators interested in working with OneVision should visit their website to learn more about Integrator Service Desk and its available options.