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Onkyo Receiver Includes Analog Devices Processor

Norwood, MA — Onkyo has designed its new BR-925 CD/HDD receiver system around the Blackfin BF532 convergent processor from Analog Devices. Onkyo chose the Blackfin processor for its ability to meet specific design goals for the BR-925 digital audio system. These objectives included value, a rich set of features, connectivity capabilities, and the kind of unmatched sound quality usually associated with more expensive systems.

“As we say on our website, the people at Onkyo are unsurpassed in the love of sound, and we won’t settle for second best,” said Nobuaki Okuda, executive officer, Division of Business Development of Onkyo Corp. “The Blackfin processor’s high performance and flexible connectivity capabilities are an ideal match for Onkyo’s relentless drive to produce exceptionally advanced music reproduction technologies for our customers.”

Onkyo’s BR-925 receiver is designed to pack in 80 GB of hard disk drive storage, exceptional sound quality, and direct iPod connectivity, giving music lovers an expansive choice of their favorite music at home and beyond. The Blackfin processor’s ability to handle high-performance signal and audio processing enhances the system’s audiophile appeal by enabling a wide range of audio file format compatibility, and exceedingly high sonic quality including dynamic equalization and loudness correction.

“Onkyo’s new receiver design is a fantastic proof point that Blackfin has the right specifications to satisfy today’s technology leaders. They depend on digital audio performance, fast time to market, and economical bill-of-materials cost, which Blackfin provides through its signature characteristics including converged microcontroller and signal processor functionality, plus implementations of the latest audio algorithms,” said Mike Haidar, product line director, Digital Home at Analog Devices. “And as music aficionados ourselves, we at ADI are always thrilled to hear the amazing sound our customers create with our technologies.”

Storing up to 20,0001 tracks of high-quality digital music, BR-925 users can rip audio files from CDs or a USB storage device (such as a digital audio player or USB memory stick) directly to the system’s HDD. The receiver can also record directly from radio sources and transfer audio files from a PC via file transfer protocol (FTP). To access music files, a BR-925 user simply plugs the device into the receiver’s USB port to listen at home or to download and go.

Onkyo’s audio technology is designed to ensure a well-articulated digital sound by creating a noise-free analog signal from digital music sources, optimizing CD and MP3 file playback. Additionally, for a well-rounded experience at all volume levels, Onkyo implemented the industry-recognized Audyssey Dynamic EQ on the Blackfin processor for equalization and loudness correction.

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