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Paradigm Prestige Series Subwoofers Now Shipping

Paradigm Electronics Inc. has added two new subwoofers to its line-up, the 12” Prestige 1000SW and 15” Prestige 2000SW.

Paradigm Electronics Inc. has added two new subwoofers to its line-up, the 12-inch Prestige 1000SW and 15-inch Prestige 2000SW.

Designed, engineered and crafted in Canada, the new Prestige Series subwoofers feature a clean design with front-mounted controls, four finishes and a built-in ultra-class D power amplifier to boost deep, powerful bass. As an added benefit, both Prestige subwoofers also ship with Paradigm’s Perfect Bass Kit (PBK). This state-of-the-art “bass perfecting” system analyzes the subwoofer’s response in a room, then sets the correct equalization parameters to attain optimal bass performance.

The 12-inch Prestige 1000SW and 15-inch Prestige 2000SW have been added to the Paradigm line.

“At Paradigm, we already know how to build powerful subwoofers. However, we wanted the Prestige Series subwoofers to carry over the luxurious look and feel of the Prestige Series speakers,” said Justin Bright, director of marketing and digital technology at Paradigm Electronics Inc. “At first glance and listen to the new Prestige subwoofers, it’s clear that the industrial design & engineering teams have hit a home run. Not only do the Prestige subwoofers feature the same sharp lines, beautiful finishes and intelligent industrial design as the Prestige Series speakers, they are also feature rich and acoustically superior.”

Available in the four Prestige finishes, the new Prestige Series subwoofers utilize X-PAL pure aluminum cone woofers and patented Active Ridge Technology (ART) surrounds as well as front-mounted controls for easy access, including all of the standard subwoofer controls such as level, cut-off frequency, and phase.

The subwoofers also feature PBK On/Off, which allows the user to quickly hear and compare the difference before and after running PBK, and the Tone Sweep feature, which assists users in locating areas in listening rooms where troublesome rattles or resonances may occur. A single press of the “Sweep” button allows listeners to initiate a full tone sweep. If a rattle or resonance occurs in the room, a second press of the button holds the current frequency, allowing the listener to investigate and identify the source.