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Paradigm’s New In-Ear Headphones Now Shipping

Paradigm Electronics Inc. is now shipping its E3i and E2i in-ear headphones, part of its SHIFT Series.

Paradigm Electronics Inc. is now shipping its E3i and E2i in-ear headphones, part of its SHIFT Series.

The new E3i and E2i in-ear headphones replicate the reproductive sound quality of Paradigm’s high-end speaker lines in a more portable format, the company says. These new in-ear headphones were designed to deliver the full audio spectrum with clarity and perfect tonal balance. Models are stepped in the depth and degree of bass offered. In the E3i bass performance is deep and intense; the E2i offers rich, deep bass.

Built in to each is a microphone for making calls and an Apple approved remote with volume control. The combination of a thicker cord in a thermoplastic elastomer not only delivers greater flexibility, it also resists tangling. The new 90-degree right angle 3.5-mm is a feature customers have asked for — it offers added flexibility, particularly when the earbud’s connector is not directly in line with the device plugged in.

Paradigm has its own audio research and development facility, complete with a 36,000-cubic-foot anechoic chamber for taking accurate sound measurements. The company also has multiple double blind listening rooms used to test every product. Specifically for in-ear headphones, the company employs an advanced head and torso manikin (affectionately named Angie) that acts as a human simulator, measuring sonic properties and the effect of sound on the ear, while helping with ergonomic design and perfecting frequency response. Paradigm applies the same stringent sonic testing and quality control to in-ear headphones as to its loudspeakers. The new in-ear headphones are critically tuned to Paradigm’s two main speaker lines: the E3i is tuned to the flagship Signature Series, the E2i to the reference Studio Series.

“We’ve taken every possible step to ensure these new in-ear headphones deliver an extraordinary listening experience in the over-crowded, over-hyped world of personal audio. We think of in-ear headphones as tiny portable speakers, in Paradigm’s case delivering all the sonic clarity, richness and depth of the speakers upon which they are modeled. Considering the research and expertise put into performance, aesthetics and comfort, these headphones should earn their place as an elite yet affordable product, inspiring a new generation of audio enthusiasts,” said Mark Aling, Paradigm’s senior director of marketing.

The new in-ear headphones are now available from select Paradigm Dealers throughout North America and also direct from the Paradigm website: Paradigm Sport Ear Hooks for use with the E3i and E2i are also available online and from select Paradigm Dealers throughout North America.