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Parasol Launches Standardized System Blueprint

New program prescribes how systems can be designed, connected, and labeled.

Parasol recently launched its standardized system blueprint. The new program, an industry-first according to the company, prescribes how home technology systems can be designed, connected, and labeled to deliver 5-star customer service.

“For years we’ve struggled as an industry to align around a standard way of designing and installing our systems,” says Greg Simmons, Parasol co-founder. “Our new blueprint enables technicians from all over the country to now speak a common language about the way our projects go together like never before.”

Parasol’s system blueprint enables dealers to deploy their systems using a rinse-and-repeat process, saving costly repeat trips, customer confusion, and driving up employee happiness across 150+ custom installation businesses throughout the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

Dealers can access details about the system blueprint and become certified by completing the Parasol Pioneer Program launched last month. Individual technicians are encouraged to sign up and complete the course, which nets them a certificate and T-shirt upon successful completion.

As dealers implement the system blueprint and complete the Parasol Pioneer Program, they’re finding return trips plummet because each and every system gets commissioned by a Parasol agent, serving as a check and balance should anything not be labeled properly or questions arise which may not have been considered during installation.

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