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Path Group and LUXICOR Create IXOS Strategic Alliance

Farmington Hills, MI — Path Group LTD and LUXICOR LLC have formed a strategic alliance designed to enhance the positioning of IXOS wiring and connectivity products for home and car markets in the North American market.

As part of the same transaction, LUXICOR has purchased industry giant American Terminal Supply Co. Inc., commonly known as ATS. The new alliance is aimed at creating enhanced profit opportunities for thousands of U.S. home and car consumer electronics retailers and distributors of all sizes.

LUXICOR sees the present state of the industry as the right time to make these moves. “The coming economic expansion will handsomely reward those who have survived the Darwinian cleansing caused by the recent economic downturn,” commented Alberto Lopez, LUXICOR’s president and CEO. “If we learned anything from ATS and its 24 years experience as an industry leader, it is that through good times or bad, we must stay fixed on our goals. Being the most valuable partner to those whom we do business with is more important today than ever. Thus, as our customers face further economy troubles due to the curbing in spending by the large mass of retiring baby-boomers, we decided to attack this strategic challenge in a positive way, through investment, as much in ourselves as in our customers.”