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Paulson Joins Fing as VP of Strategic Partnerships

Former Nortek Security & Control Senior VP Will Lead IoT Platform for Connectivity Analytics

Fing, the network-scanning provider, has added Duane Paulson as VP of strategic partnerships, driving Fing’s effort to become the leading IoT platform for connectivity analytics.

Paulson brings more than 25 years of executive-level experience in the areas of intrusion alarms, home automation, smart home as a service (SHaaS), security monitoring and access controls for several brands. Most recently, he was senior VP for Nortek Security & Control, owner of the 2Gig security and smart-home brand.

In his new role, Paulson will help partners incorporate Fing’s connectivity platform into security and home-automation systems, SHaaS platforms, network devices, and back-end services.

Started in 2009 as a network-scanning app, Fing recently launched Fingbox, a network security and troubleshooting appliance for home consumers, which raised $1.7M on the Indiegogo crowd-funding platform upon initial launch.

Fing’s analytics and identification capabilities are used by manufacturers, insurance companies, retailers, telecommunications operators, and software developers in the connected home to deliver a better end-user experience and more tailored products and services to their end consumers.

“With the explosion of connected devices, Fing is being used in ways we could not even imagine a few years ago,” said Domenico Crapanzano, Fing’s CEO. “Fingbox Network appliance for example, is breaking new grounds in providing extremely accurate User Presence Detection in the connected home and office. Fing network and security tools on the other hand are helping millions of consumers enjoy their technology to the fullest extent on a daily basis. The applications of the knowledge that Fing brings to the table are infinite.”

Paulson believes Fing will become a vital tool in the inevitable convergence of physical security (protecting people and property) and digital security (protecting data and privacy)—a phenomenon that has “radically changed the security paradigm in corporations today,” he said. “Just as the new a chief security officer for the enterprise oversees both physical and data security, we will see a similar convergence in the home, where network intrusions are treated just like any other intrusion into the home. Fing is the perfect enabler when embedded in alarm systems and network devices, and monitored by consumers themselves or call centers similar to alarm central stations.”